Multiple Glazes, Multiple Firings

Functional Pottery Firing

Pottery can be as simply done as a straightforward form, in a simple stoneware dipped in a single glaze.

There can be so much more.

The color and texture of fine porcelain. Custom glazes, mixed for each form – in multiple layers with crystal development.

Matte glazes co-mingling with glossy clears and opaques, striating and breaking on water resisted illustration.

Renee mixes glazes like she’s in the kitchen. By knowing the science behind the different elements contained in our glazes, each is hand mixed with custom recipes to showcase the intention of the vessels form.

Each piece is glazed independently through spraying techniques using low pressure spray guns in a dedicated booth. This allows variation from piece to piece that makes each a one of a kind creation.

Our latest work is taking it one step further – with multiple firings!

By adding additional glazes after the pieces first firing, we can add depth and complexity of finish – by changing and even adding more colors and textures.

We invite you to experience our pottery first hand!

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