Rasa Clay Works (fine taste in sanskrit) is a ceramics studio working in Yachats Oregon. Our work is almost exclusively functional. Renee's forms along with Free's finishing and details relate to the preparation and serving of food, display vessels to decorate the home and table, crockeries and jars for the kitchen, and even urns for remembrance and honor.

Along with the many various and useful vessels is included an occasional bit of whimsy such as lamps, ornaments, fermentation crocks as well as bowls for dogs, cats and other furry friends.We love working to make forms that serve unique purposes. Our focus is on both the functional,  as well as the aesthetic aspect of our work.

We work using an electric kiln fired to between 2100- 22500 degrees F that is powered by carbon neutral hydroelectric. Our glazes are hand formulated in our studio from raw earthen materials. All of our glazes are lead free as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. The clays we use are fully vitrified and tend to be almost exclusively white stoneware and porcelain. We use food safe liners in all of our functional ware.

We love how pottery is an easily accessible and relatively inexpensive art form that can be used in our daily lives, bringing beauty and a profound pleasure of interacting with something made by human hands for human living.

When it comes to functional wares - perhaps the greatest compliment to its creation, the hallmark of it having transcended itself from a simple pot to that of a piece of art -  is told by whether or not you are willing to choose to use it. When a mug becomes your mug, a bowl the one that is "just right" for its use, and it finds its way into the rituals of your life, that humble pot has transcended itself into a piece of pure art.

Thank you for finding interest in our work - we look forward to making that piece that becomes your daily favorite!

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Discover Our
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